What is Tenure Track System?

"Tenure track system" is a mechanism that enables young researchers to accumulate independent research experiences while being hired for a fixed term of service temporarily, prior to obtaining permanent positions through strict evaluation of their works .

Tenure Track System in Kumamoto University

Under the Tenure Track System in Kumamoto University, setting the contract term, adoption examination and human resources development can be conducted in the ways that are suitable for various characteristics of each department. Tenure Track System lays out the framework to be disseminated. When it comes to implementation of the Tenure Track System, each department shall apply for the system and gain approval from the Tenure Track System Steering Committee. The approved department can be supported by Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence on the personnel expenses, research expenses and preferential treatment in research space. The tenure track faculty members belong to The Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence as well as respective faculties during the tenure track period.  They shall be transferred to respective faculties after being granted tenure.

From the time that Kumamoto University has been selected by a start-up project of The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) "Program to Disseminate Tenure Track System", there have been 3 members that have arrived at their new tenure-track posts through internationally-posted recruitment. Two are at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, and the other is at the Center for AIDS Research.

Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence will support the improvement of the research environment and the administrative operation of the system. It will disseminate Tenure Track System to the whole college in close coordination with the relevant department(s) in order to foster excellent young researchers on a continuous basis.


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