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Prof. Yorifumi Sato gave a lecture at the Seminar for Young Researchers @ Honjo district


20130903poster_sa_e.jpgOn September 3rd, Prof. Sato shared his experience of studying abroad, working as a doctor and his present position as a member of Tenure Truck at the Seminar for Young Researchers held at Kumamoto University Honjo Campus.


More than 50% of the attendees at this seminar were graduate students and assistant professors and it was a meaningful time for those young, hopeful researchers.


20130903ysato_e.jpgIt was a fascinating lecture that stimulated the career path of young researchers and we received feedbacks such as; "His view on studying abroad was very helpful", "It was a great opportunity to hear about the experience of the researcher who is going after the Top Journal", "The lecture was informative for building of my career".


Prof. Sato said "I had hesitation about reveling myself and talk about my experiences, but I am glad if I was able to share the actual situation. Also this seminar was a great opportunity to let people know about the research I have been working on and I hope this would expand the network at the university and lead to the joint researches." We could see his enthusiasm for development of his research and the confidence as a member of Priority Organization for Innovation Excellence which is leading the research of Kumamoto University.


20130903audi02_e.jpgWe hope that this lecture became an opportunity for young researchers including students to recognize the "Tenure Truck" as one of their future career paths.


(writer: HIDAKA)

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