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Prof. Masuda was interviewed by NHK Saga Broadcasting Station


20131206ma01.jpgOn December 6th, Prof. Masuda of Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence was interviewed by NHK Saga Broadcasting Station and we were able to observe the process of this interview.


The purpose of this interview was to cover Prof. Masuda's research, Regeneration measurers of Ariake Sea, in the special program featuring the pros and cons of gate opening for reclamation project of Isahaya Bay.


20131206ma02.jpgInterview took place in the laboratory during the morning. Prof. Masuda was asked about the state of Ariake Sea during the field test for the project of creating the artificial foreshore in Kumamoto Bay, especially on the structure of actual foreshore, changes in ecosystem after creating the foreshore and the measures of restoration of the nature in the tidal flat area as well as its effects. Prof. Masuda answered the questions in details using the slides and reports of his research.


In the afternoon, we visited the demonstration site of tidal flat foreshore line in Kumamoto Bay and Yokoshima coast in Tamana to observe the living things which started to inhabit after the creation of foreshore line and changes in tidal flat. Prof. Masuda explained the present state of the ecosystem recovery and the reality of conservation and development of coastal environment.


In recent years, presenting the research outcome and to provide the views and suggestions to the society based on their research are regarded as important rolls of the researchers and there is strong demand from the society.


20131206ma03.jpgTherefore, the skill to explain the scientific fact intelligibly is an important skill for the researchers. During this interview process, we saw that Prof. Masuda have prepared many materials for this occasion and always explain not only the answers for questions being asked but with an explanation of the whole back ground behind it.

He was always trying to make his explanation as clear and understandable as possible and it was impressive to see his sincere attitude to fulfill the roll of the researcher.


This interview was featured in the program of NHK Saga Broadcasting Station, Saga-ism: Regeneration of abundant sea ~ Reclamation works of Isehaya Bay and closing dead line for opening of the gate ~, and it was aired on Friday, December 13th. Unfortunately, this program was aired only in the Saga prefecture and it is not scheduled to be aired in other areas. However, you can check the introduction of the program on below website and the part of this news is scheduled to be posted on the video portal website, NHK Eco Channel.




(NHK Eco Channel)http://www.nhk.or.jp/eco-channel/

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