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Prof. Tatsuya Masuda gave a presentation at the Center for Marine Environment Studies 12th Lecture Meeting


20131116_poster_e.jpgOn Saturday, November 16th, joint lecture of the Center for Marine Environment Studies 12th Lecture Meeting and 2013 Kumamoto University COE B, Research Result Presentation of "Environment and disaster prevention of the enclosed coastal sea, advanced scientific research and the development of educational COE for the creation of abundant coastal environment" was held at 100th Anniversary Memorial Hall in Kumamoto University South Kurokami Campus and Prof. Tatsuya Masuda, Assistant professor at Priority Organization for Innovation Excellence, gave a presentation of his research result with a title of "Calculation of emission load to Yatsushiro Sea and challenges for the future" as a member of COE group.


20131116_mi01.jpgProf. Masuda has been monitoring the region while trying to compare the existing calculation method of the elements that flow into Yatsushiro Sea from the land, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Load increase, which means the increase in inflow load, is concerned to cause the red tide and have the negative impact on sea bed environment, but it does not mean "clear sea is abundant sea". Prof. Masuda explained the importance of conducting an appropriate monitoring to sustain ideal environment for ecosystem in his presentation.


20131116_mi06.jpgLooking back on the research activities at COE, Prof. Masuda said it was great opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge from the professors from different back grounds.


Also, Prof. Masuda suggested from a different point of view that, if there is a space where researchers could communicate more casually with each other, it might advance the joint researches to solve the problems occurring in reality and create new academic fields. Although this might not be able to realize immediately, we are considering setting up such space to meet the needs for the future. We appreciate the valuable suggestion.


20131116_mi03.jpgThere are more professors of Tenure Truck involved in the COE group at Kumamoto University like Prof. Masuda. If you are interested, please visit these COE lectures to find out about their research results.


(writer: UWATOKO)

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