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Dr. Emil was interviewed by KKT Kumamoto Kenmin Television


20140107_emil03.jpgOn January 7th, shortly after we celebrated the beginning of 2014, Dr. Emil Omurzak of Priority Organization for Innovation and excellence was interviewed by KKT Kumamoto Kenmin Television to be featured on their TV program.


Concept of this TV program is to introduce the cuisine of Kyrgyz, the home of Dr. Omurzak, but he was also interviewed about his study. This report will focus on his study introduction during this interview.


20140107_emil01.jpgDr. Omurzak studies the Pulsed Plasma in Liquid method, the revolutionary technology that could adjust and apply the characteristics that determine the functions of metal nanoparticle such as magnetic and biocompatibility at once while synthesizing the metal nanoparticles.

This method provides the higher figures of biocompatibility of metal nanoparticles compared with other methods and it has been attracting the attention for the establishment of the new method for the purpose of technological convert to Medical field.

20140107_emil02.jpgPhoto: Dr. Omurzak explaining the Pulsed Plasma in Liquid method and Nanomaterial.

Dr. Omurzak gave detailed explanation using the prepared materials so the staff could see the actual experimentation with better understanding of the purpose and the method of this experiment.


20140107_emil04.jpgPhoto: Dr. Omurzak demonstrating the experiment using a Pulsed Plasma in Liquid Device. Interview staffs were watching intently.


Dr. Omurzak has been staying in Japan for 9 years. He has done his interview about his study all in fluent Japanese and he was also interviewed about Kyrgyz cuisine.

This interview is scheduled to be aired on the program of Dinner of the world in Televitamin on KKT Kumamoto Kenmin Television on Wednesday, January 15th from 4:45pm.

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