Open Recruitment of Tenure-track Associate Professor (Aging and Longevity in the Department of Sensory & Motor Organ Sciences)


The Faculty of Life Sciences of Kumamoto University invites applications for a Tenure-track faculty position (Assistant Professor) in the Laboratory for Molecular Biology of Aging and Longevity in the Department of Sensory & Motor Organ Sciences.

Our country confronts an unprecedented aging society, and is being challenged to provide health and longevity to its people. The Laboratory for Molecular Biology of Aging and Longevity is the only research institute in Japan that studies naked mole-rat, a new model animal characterized by its health and longevity, having a lifespan of 30 years and exhibiting anti-aging and anti-tumor characteristics. We are seeking candidates who can carry out unique and outstanding researches in the field, has experiences of breeding and studying naked mole-rats, and has techniques of developmental engineering. He/She is required to arrive in Kumamoto by the end of March 2018. The Faculty of Life Sciences of Kumamoto University will have a large-scale breeding facility of naked mole-rats built by March of 2018, and has laboratory rooms equipped with facilities to conduct naked mole-rat researches, and technical supports to boost research and development. Detailed information for applicants is described below. Salary is based on Kumamoto University regulations and is commensurate with experience. 


1. Positions Offered

One Tenure-track Assistant Professor

2. Affiliation

Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence


3 . Laboratory to belong to

Laboratory for Molecular Biology of Aging and Longevity, which aims to elucidate anti-aging and anti-tumor mechanism of naked mole-rats, and will also develop and perform developmental and genetic engineering techniques of naked mole-rats

4. Qualifications

Applicants must have a PhD.

5. Starting Date of Employment

The earliest possible date after March 1st, 2018

6. Period of Employment

5 years.  

*1 An extension of tenure track period (maximum three years) may be possible.
*2 A midterm evaluation is conducted three years after employment. Tenure evaluation will be performed after 4.5 years of employment.
*3 If, during employment, long-term leave for childbirth, childcare, nursing care is required, or if research cannot continue for a long period due to a natural disaster, the period of time that the candidate is unable to perform their duties will be taken into consideration and an extension of the tenure track period may be granted.


7. Research Expenses, Research Environment, etc.

(1) Up to five million yen over two years.     

8. Application Documents

(1)Curriculum vitae (including email address and other contact information)

Please specify if you require special consideration for any leave of absence  (maternity, paternity, family, etc.) you took in previous years.

(2)List of accomplishments

*Submit the completed application package to the address provided below.
Please save these two items as MS Word documents to recordable media
(e.g. CD-R) and send it to the address below. The submitted documents and  media will not be returned.

9. Application Deadline

No later than Tuesday, November 30th, 2017


10. Review Procedure

First-round screening will consist of a review of application documents. An interview may be scheduled after passing the first round.


11. Submission Address

General Affairs Office

Administration Division of Life Sciences
Support Group for School of Medicine
General Affairs and Personnel Section, Kumamoto University

1-1-1 Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto , Japan 860-8556, Japan
TEL: +81-96-373-5912
E-mail: ski-jinji[a]   [a]->@

*Please write "Application Documents for Tenure-track Assistant Professor are enclosed" in red ink on the envelope and send it to the university by registered mail. Application documents will not be returned.


12. University Policies

(1)  All personal information provided will be used solely for the purpose of assessing the eligibility for this position according to Kumamoto University regulations and policies.
(2)  Kumamoto University is committed to gender equality and seeks to achieve an equal opportunity workforce based on the "Basic Law for a Gender-Equal Society." Please refer to for more information regarding our policies on gender equality.

Participation Guidelines (PDF)


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