Takahiro Hosono

Research field

Environmental Dynamics in Aquatic System

細野 高啓

Research content

The origin of my research field is geology (petrology and mineral resources) and my specialty is isotope geochemistry. I also have experience in the use of geochemical tools in the field of cultural property science. Now, my special attention is toward the research area of environmental science especially at near-surface earth environments, including upper lithosphere, aquatic fields, and atmosphere, by using multi-isotope techniques as well as radio-isotope and geochemical methods.
Here in Kumamoto, I am promoting investigation related to the water environmental issues from both quantitative and qualitative point of view, concerning the importance of sustainable use of water resources. My main target fields are Asia and Africa, where cities or regions are facing the water resource related problems, or may meet them sooner in future, such as water resource shortage and quality deterioration in response to increasing water demand with population increase, industrialization, impact of climate change and so on.
At the present time my attention is focused in several related important themes; e.g. (1) elucidating the effects of trans-boundary pollutions and air-fall depositions on Eastern Asia, (2) evaluation of SGD (Submarine Groundwater Discharges) fluxes and influences to ocean and marine ecosystems, and (3) development of utility of the multi-isotope techniques. My principal research aims are to create a new concept for aquatic environmental science and provide important guidelines for sustainable use of freshwater resources in Asia-Africa nations including Japan.


  • 1998.3 Department of Geology, Shinshu University (Bachelor)
  • 2003.3 Institute of Geoscience, Tsukuba University (Ph.D.)
  • 2003.4 Department of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Waseda University (Research Assistant)
  • 2005.4 Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Research Fellow)
  • 2006.4 JSPS Research Fellow (PD: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)
  • 2007.5 Department of Earth Science and Technology, Akita University (Assistant Professor)
  • 2009.4 Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence, Kumamoto University (Assistant Professor
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