Satoru Mochida

Research field

Developmental and regenerative medicine

持田 悟

Research content

One cell divides into two cells.

 There are still many questions about cell division to be answered that are not as simple as it might seem at first sight. It is important to understand how cells know when to divide and when to stop in terms of our health and longevity. Uncontrolled cell division is a major characteristic of cancer cells, whereas controlled cell division is essential for stem cell maintenance. We are trying to understand how cell division is controlled. We do our research for better understanding of the fundamental operating principle of life. 

 We are especially interested in how protein phosphorylation is regulated by a balance between protein kinase and phosphatase. Because the cell division cycle is driven by protein phosphorylation. Compared with kinases, phosphatases are still full of unknowns. We recently found new mechanism by which CDK (cyclin dependent kinase) and one particular type of PP2A (type-IIA phosphatase) are communicating each other, just like a seesaw game! Are other phosphatases playing it as well? Or is there any other equipment in the playground?


Mochida S., Maslen S.L., Skehel M. and Hunt T., Science, 330 (6011), pp1670-1673 (2010) "The kinase Greatwall phosphorylates an inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A that is essential for mitosis"

Mochida S., Ikeo S., Gannon J., Hunt T., EMBO J., 28, pp2777-2785 (2009) "Regulated activity of PP2A-B55d is crucial for controlling mitotic entry and exit in Xenopus egg extracts"

Mochida S., Hunt T., Nature, 449(7160) pp336-340 (2007) "Calcineurin is required to release Xenopus egg extract from meiotic M phase"

Mochida S., Yanagida M., Genes to Cells, 11(1) pp13-27 (2006) Distinct modes of DNA damage response in S. pombe G0 and vegetative cells"

Mochida S.*, Esashi F.*, Aono N., Tamai K., O'Connell M. J. and Yanagida M., EMBO J., 23(2), pp418-428 (2004) (*equal contribution) "Regulation of checkpoint kinases thorough dynamic interactions with Crb2"

Keywords: cell cycle, protein phosphorylation 


1990.04 Tachikawa HS
1993.03 graduated form Tachikawa H.S.
1994.04 Kyoto univ.
1998.03 Graduated from Kyoto univ. (Faculty of science)
2000.03 Master degree of Science  (Prof. Mitsuhiro Yanagida), Kyoto univ.
2000.04~10 Tamanoi vinegar corp. (Osaka)
2001.01~03 Research Student in Graduate School of Science, Kyoto univ.
2001.04 Graduate School of Bioscience, Kyoto univ.
2004.03 Ph.D. Kyoto University (Prof. Mitsuhiro Yanagida)
2004.04~05.07 Post-doc researcher at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
2005.08~10.8 Post-doc Fellow in Sir. Tim Hunt's Lab at Cancer Research UK
2010.08~ current position
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