Yuki Nakayama

Research field

Life and Environmental Sciences

中山 由紀


"Effects of endocrine disruptors on gene expression of spermatogenesis"

Endocrine disruptors are considered to be responsible for the human generative function disorder, a malignant tumor, development of nervous system.
Especially reproductive failure, like anovulation, failure of implantation, asthenozoospermia, and abnormal spermatoza, are recognized as infertility. And it is a huge social problem we should solve as soon as possible.However, underlying molecular mechanisms causing reproductive failure remain uncertain.
The purpose of this research is to clarify the molecular mechanism affected by endocrine disruptors in the process of sperm maturation. I'd like to dedicate myself to the development of cure and remedy for reproductive dysfunction caused by endocrine disruptors.


  • 1995.3 Kumamoto University,Faculty of Science (Bachelor Degree)
  • 1997.3 Kumamoto University,Graduate School of Science (Master Degree)
  • 2000.3 Kumamoto University,Graduate School of Science and Technology (Ph.D.)
  • 2000.4 The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science,Stem Cell Project Group (Researcher)
  • 2008.2 Kumamoto University Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence Assistant Professor
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