Yorifumi Satou

Research field

Virology, Hematology

佐藤 賢文

Research project

Analysis of the mechanism of the persistent and latent retroviral infection


I was appointed as a Tenure-Track Associate Professor of Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence as well as Center for AIDS Research in to Kumamoto University. I feel pleasure to have a chance to do research in such a favorable environment in terms of research expenses and laboratory space thanks to the tenure-track system.

I would like to extend my research here in my alma mater, Kumamoto University, by using my knowledge and experiences of medical research.


1997- Clinical physician in the Hospital in Kumamoto

2001- PhD course (Prof. M. Matsuoka) , Kyoto University

2005- Post Doctoral Fellow, JSPS Research Fellow

2008- Assistant professor in Laboratory of Virus Control, Center for AIDS Research,

          Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University, Japan

2011- Research Fellow in Immunology Section, Imperial College London, UK (Prof. CRM Bangham)

2013. 2- Present Post

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