Ryuichi Yoshitake

Research field

Mediterranean architecture

吉武 隆一

Introduction of Research Topics

I am studying the dynamics of the geomagnetic field which is generated by the outer core (molten iron) of the deep interior of the Earth. The past geomagnetic fields can be restored by measuring the magnetization of rocks, sediments and other geological materials. Up to now, we have been studying paleointensities of the last geomagnetic reversal (780 ka), the youngest geomagnetic excursions (30 and 40 ka), and the middle period of the Cretaceous Normal Superchron (100 Ma) by measuring the volcanic rocks in Tahiti and New Zealand and the granite rocks in Japan. In these studies, we applied a new paleointensity method (the LTD-DHT Shaw method) to those rocks, which the Japanese research group including me has developed. Our precise paleointensity data seem to figure out new characters of the geomagnetism, which are not found in the previous studies using conventional methods. I am also interested in the tectonics of the Kyusyu Island. There are many volcanoes in Kyusyu Island which erupted in the past several million years. On the basis of the systematic collections on those volcanic rocks, we are going to reveal the tectonics of the Kyusyu Island for the past several million years.
In addition, I am also a member of a research project studying the hydrothermal activities of the ocean floor. High-resolution magnetic anomaly maps could give geological information under the ocean floor of the hydrothermal sites.

Key words : Variation of the Earth's magnetic field; Tectonics; Hydrothermal activity; new paleointensity method; Volcanic rocks in Kyusyu Island

Professional Affiliations

Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences (SGEPSS)
American Geophysical Union
The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences
The Geological Society of Japan

Educational History

  • Ph.D., Earth and Planetary Sciences, September 2004
    Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • M.Sc., Earth and Planetary Sciences, March 2001
    Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • B.Sc., Earth and Planetary Sciences, March 1999
    Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, November 2009 - present
    Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence, Kumamoto University
  • Postdoctral Research Fellow, April 2009 - October 2009
    Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo
  • JSPS Research Fellow, April 2006 - March 2009
    Geological Survey of Japan, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
  • Postdoctral Research Fellow, October 2004 - March 2006
    Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Fellowships and Awards

  • Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (Start Up), April 2009-March 2011
  • Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows, April 2006 - March 2009

Research Funds

  • JSPS Postdoctral Fellowship, April 2006 - March 2009
  • Visiting Fellowship, Institute for Rock Magnetism, University of Minnesota, April 2008
  • Most Cited Paper 2004-2007 Award, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, January 2008
    (awarded to "Mochizuki et al., Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 146, 395-416, 2004")
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